Front-end made easy. Embeds, lightboxes, and audio players.
Animate, tween, or customize any page element by timecode or song progress — without a line of JavaScript.

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CASHMusic.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that handles CASH Music embeds, video lightboxing, and provides simple audio players. It also provides no-script animation keyed to song progress, enabling advanced audio players with little to no coding.

Advanced demos

Throwing Muses page player

Throwing Muses

Not The 1s page player


Feature: CASH Music platform embeds

These are the standard embed codes offered via the CASH Music platform — HTML5-friendly workflows embedded in your page with a single line of JavaScript. These examples show an email signup form for the CASH Music mailing list.

Feature: Video lightboxes

These are built from simple, ordinary links to YouTube or Vimeo pages. No embed codes, no scripts. Just link to the page and specify the "lightboxvideo" option by adding 'data-options="lightboxvideo"' to the CASHMusic.js script tag.

RED FANG - "Wires" (YouTube)

Red Fang

XIU XIU - "Boy Soprano" (Vimeo)

Xiu Xiu

Feature: Tween

Basic tween example:

Play/pause/stop toggles

A play/stop toggle: Toggle "Life-Cycle"
A play/pause toggle: Toggle "Life-Cycle"

Feature: Basic-interface players

These players are built using the same progress/tween animation featured throughout the page. An add-on module controls the playlists, pulls in a standard template using basic html/css, and grabs the playlist either from JSON or by collecting all links to valid audio in a div classed "cashmusic soundplayer playlist" — flexible and easy to configure or customize.

Advanced options for data tagging and JSONP-based audio-source resolution coming soon.

A playlist play/pause toggle: Toggle (second) playlist

License and dependencies

CASHMusic.js is distributed under a simplified BSD License — so pretty much go nuts. Build rad stuff. Give back where you can. There are no external dependencies other than SoundManager 2 for audio playback. We've taken lengths to make sure we don't interfere with jQuery or similar libraries, so CASHMusic.js should play well with others.